Ethereum Classic what is next

BITTREX:ETCBTC   以太坊经典/比特币
a throw back to 0.00034 area
then mark up to the moon
评论: 1Day view
评论: 10 likes if you want to get updated
potential target in usdt around 36 then retrace back around 30
评论: Linear scale shows topping of the trading channel
reversal might be soon
评论: while log scale shows potential target of 0.0045

if kept pumping that could be reversal point
godmode overbought
RSI bearish divergence
approaching buy zone 0.003 - 0.0035
finally reached buy zone lowest buy could be 0.00315
评论: prepare your self for the mark up
time to go up again
minor retrecement to 0.00315 could happen
next possible move
评论: 1D outlook
time for mark up
评论: I think there is a lot of room to growth may be after airdrop there will be another attractive project to get people in etc again
let's what's gonna happen
steady climbing
consolidation period
really etc is taking this bull run so perfectly
consolidation done as i have prescribed
wait for move up
a move down is likely won't happen but if we broke the tend line
the next support will be around 0.003- 0.0026
if anybody following my updates just comment (i want to make sure that i'm not talking to myself)
评论: http://d.stockcharts.com/school/data/med...
wykoff accumulation if anybody want to know where are we now (throw back phase)

we could go up from here i think it's enough retracement
评论: Warning :
If u r trading ETC for airdrop hype just remember that the estimated date for airdrop became 2 March
Trade Safely
The best Buy zone between 0.0031-0.0026
Clearly we still in Phase D of wykoff
the mark up didn't started yet that's the good news
about to finish the buying zone
will the trend line will hold it
if not we could see 0.00135
评论: Broke the support line

calling a bottom is very difficult now
personally i'm waiting between 100k-150k area would be nice bottom
this is a spring phase that could happen
Whales are accumulating ETC so u should too
it's gonna be a great year for ETC for sure
anticipating the future is difficult but u can arrange ur ideas to know what is best choice that could happen
Possibilities of going up :
1- Golden cross of 50ma 200ma
2- High volume last couple of weeks
3- the only coin that haven't recently pumped hardly
possibilities of going down
1- dropped of green cloud
2- dropped of daily 200 ma
3- a spring phase to (100k) would be a nice retracement
4- Shake out all of weak hands that joined for callisto hype
New Idea published
u sure bro?
@qdoc, if u mean about the mark up yes but it will take a longer time that expected
qdoc fayyad
@fayyad, k
TY for the progess update!
Thanks for the update! Highly appreciated! It's great you describe which phase of Wyckoff we are in, since I started learning about his theory.

Which book would you advice? 'Studies in Tape Reading (1910)' or 'How I Trade and Invest in Stocks and Bonds (1924)', jump into his course he made in 1931?
Or start with 'Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method, by Jack K. Hutson, David H. Weiss, and Craig F. Schroeder' - who added two main rules.

fayyad CABRON_NL
actually i learned it from MR david thanks to him
you could just read the links which he provide it's very useful

concerning ur books i didn't read any of them i actually try to get many information about wykoff method
but it's seems very easy to learn just read the links and you will get a comprehensive idea
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fayyad fayyad
@fayyad, you could ask him about ur books he will help u for sure
@fayyad, Thank you for your advice!
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