Ethereum Classic Big Head and Shoulders?

Chart data shows Ethereum Classic is likely to continue its very big decline against Bitcoin ( BTC ) in the short term, aiming for the trend line on the chart. This will reflect heavily in the ETCUSD pair, especially if we see BTC continue its correction against the USD. I will revisit this pair once we break the heavy resistance line or reach the bottom trend line . GLWT y'all.
评论: Kissed major downtrend line... a decision has to be made... I'm still short
评论: Heading toward Min TP!
评论: Almost at MIN TP wahooooooooo!
评论: After reaching MIN TP (the max consolidation level) lets see if we breach to the downside or upside. Would make for a nice rally in the ETCUSD chart.
评论: Oufff

Here's the USD
评论: Heading toward MAX TP and trendline!
评论: Following the trend set by big sibling Ethereum.
评论: Almost at the trend line! Let's start watching for a bounce :)
评论: If you bought the bounce, I think it's time to sell. We are still counter-cyclical and there will be other opportunities.
评论: Yeah, I sold a little too early. For now, I think we gonna see some support levels, then I think we will see a big structural wave! But for now:
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