Forget About Callisto, I Care About This (ETC Golden Cross)

Don't let short term events make you lose sight of the big picture. A lot could happen in the next 10 days. Most of the times, good news coincide with good graphs (FA coincides with TA). People have been waiting for that Coinbase listing for more than a year now. There's also a lot of projects of ETC Dev Team coming to light now. Metronome ICO based on Ethereum Classic is also going to be announced this month. So, keep your ears to the ground and watch the macro play out.

DISCLAIMER: The author owns Ethereum Classic. This is not investment advice. Do your own research and due diligence.
There was a possible divergence on the RSI recently, we will have to see if we can hold support above 0.0022 otherwise I think we could go down significantly more. We havn't had a golden cross quite yet. Waiting for that perfect buying opportunity!
kickflip360 kickflip360
@kickflip360, Long term I'm bullish, just to let you know.
fakhan kickflip360
@kickflip360, I've lost faith in following Technical Analysis to the letter when it comes to crypto. This is a very low cap market which can be easily manipulated and the whales know exactly how we think. There is this fool of a top trader who put his stop loss at the multiple bottom for ETC and then went on announcing "trade closed, stop loss hit". Well, of course it was hit you retard. Lol. These guys have been playing this game for a long time and they were once in our spot so they know damn well how we think and they use it to their advantage. So, the best you can do is get a rough idea but don't swear by it.
@fakhan, There's no doubt this market is manipulated for sure. The divergence I have spotted would usually leave me feeling very skeptical if it wasn't for the fact that we are at a crucial support zone for ETC. I'm hoping this level holds and we can retest the trendline, otherwise panic selling will unfold. The bigger picture looks more promising, and nothing fundamental has changed. I definitely think ETC is undervalued comparative to other alts.
fakhan kickflip360
@kickflip360, Panic selling will unfold? Just what the heck are you talking about, mate? I mean, seriously? A lot of us would be surprised anybody is selling at this level and if it weren't for BTC lagging around, we'd be above $40 by now and you're talking about another possible dump? Based on what exactly? Listen, I know you're bullish on ETC long term and all but you've got to be reasonable with your analysis. You're relying too much on imaginary lines.
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fakhan fakhan
@fakhan, Let me tell you something, whether it's simple trend lines or elliot waves, technical analysis works when people want it to. People are prepared for the possibility and when they see TA supports their view, bam that happens! But you gotta remember the first thing here. It works because people want it to. It's based on intent, it's based on psychology.
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@fakhan, Ok.. so you've never seen support levels broken followed by panic selling? The support line that we are currently testing now? All I'm saying is if we break that line, there's a good chance that some panic selling will take us down to the next support zones. This is generally how markets work even in crypto. There are buyers that got in as low as 0.0013 and you think that none of those COULD panic sell?
kickflip360 kickflip360
@kickflip360, I looking to enter a trade, and need some more confirmation that we will bounce back. Right now we are neutral so I'm trying to draw some levels that will help me enter a trade.
fakhan kickflip360
@kickflip360, I can assure you buyers who got in at 0.0013 and such are not that stupid to fall for such antics. And to sell at this stage is nothing short of complete idiocy.
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fakhan fakhan
@fakhan, When I first started trading, I read the Wallstreet Devil's Dictionary. In that dictionary, in front of Day trader, it said See idiot. I didn't quite understand what that meant till years later. It is also over the years I learnt no to chase price every minute because you never will. The best you can do is get a general sense of things and then dollar cost average your way in whether you're looking to go short or long.
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