Continued uptrend after some correction

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After the parabolic pump, there's been correction back to the base trend. Looking for continued support along this trend.
评论: Another big pump! Looking for next support. Will likely be some correction again, not expecting anything lower than .0031000.
交易开始: More up from 3400 support. Strong momentum.
评论: Even with strong momentum, there's room for retraces correlated to any upward eth moves.
交易开始: closed a small percentage at @ 3700 improved base. Momentum still on.
交易开始: Closed a little bit more @ 39. Great base now for more upward movement.
交易开始: Closed another 5% @ 004. Time for a new chart!
im follow the same diagonal support. Looks good!
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coindeva dudesl
yeah, my arrows might be off a bit, but the support line is looking good.
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