ETHUSD bullish bat and butterfly combination

Trader_Joe_Lee 已更新   
ETHUSD has 2 potential bullish harmonic patterns down there starting from different X point.
The spot will be near 330-370, which implies that it's not yet the time to buy the low now.
So I'll be willing to wait for reversal sign there as a combination trade!

Let's see how it goes!
评论: getting there, patience may pay off lol
评论: if it can break 400 fig down, gotta wait for hourly reversal sign between 330-380 yo!
and most important of all, if there is no reversal sign at all, then this trade doesn't exist!
nice 4hr hammer as a reversal sign
评论: here we got an inside day that could be a better reversal sign if it breaks to the upside!
评论: Inside week breakout confirmation!
评论: The inside week breakout also got its 1st kick yo!!
about to finish weekly 8ema correction , an important profit-taking sign!
评论: Weekly 8ema correction finished, important profit-taking sign
Weekly 21ema correction finished, another important profit-taking sign