ETHUSD Bullish bat pattern and demand zone combination,but....

ETHUSD has a bullish bat pattern and demand zone combination with potential entry @ 515-525.
To lean on the 500 fig support is also another plus for this trade;

While, there probably will be a huge minus for this trade, it's the potential inside week.
If it's able to form an inside week, this combination long will be against the momentum of the inside week breakdown.

If it can hit this area and formed a 4H reversal sign, still a worth noticing trade, but based on the potential inside week breakdown,
it worth less risk to trade as there is contradiction between my own system.

Let's see how it goes!
Jun 11
Here comes an inside day yo!

Really cool idea, would have your stop loss been at the 505ish or lower trading this type of system?

Have you found harmonics to be successful in cryptos?
Trader_Joe_Lee StaniecLukasz
@StaniecLukasz, Thanks bro!
yes, last time this combination works well;
Harmonics pretty much quantifies people's will about "buy low, sell high" , and when it combines with reversal sign, it's not catching a falling knife, too.
By far I found it can be applied to all kinds of market as long as with abundant liquidity and abundant speculators.

To trade the inside day, probably the stop loss will stiil be below 500.00, which will be stopped out though lol.
very nice setup
@Dem456, Here comes the inside day!
+1 回复
Trader_Joe_Lee AlirezaMahdavi
@AlirezaMahdavi, thanks bro!
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