EURUSD/USDOLLAR Similar structure is it plays out.

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
2738 11
The EURO is also in a corrective structure and I believe this down move could be a B wave in a more complex corrective structure. If the correction is finished and this is the start of the next down impulsive move we will see a lower degree correction before that happens and we will be ready to sell it .
This is only for analytical purpose.

Trade with care and follow me for trader setup on lower time frame.
评论: Sorry those lines moved when i publish, I hope you can set it on the chart as i am able to do when i open it .
评论: FREE webinar today 25/10/15, 1 PM NY time .
We use for our webinars please download the free APP and use the code to log on .
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评论: Free webinar for all starts in an hour ,room will be open 15 before the start
nice too meet you , Have the opportunity to learn to communicate,HAHA
Oh Anil. I missed the Webinar. I was away for 5 days, but I did have pending positions on both these pairs as I believed them to move Impulsively.
The fireworks have not yet finished. By jove, trading in the right direction is what makes me tick :)
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Hi Anilmangal, do you have regular times/days when you do your webinars? I always read your comment when it's too late and the webinar is over.
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No, they are all impromptu. Add me to skype for the recording .
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anilmangal anilmangal
skype ID - mangal457
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marzed anilmangal
Great, thank you very much.
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you are welcome , anyone who wants the recording can add me to skype for it .
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ValeriuV anilmangal
Hy Anil, I attended your webinar earlier ( is not the first time ) and I'm always amazed of the amount of usefull information I can get out of a meeting like this as opposed to other theachers. The way you see the charts and the procentage of accuracy is staggering. The best strategys I found have been about 60% accurate at best. I'l try to aply your way of seeing things ( as I understand it ) and hope to get better results than I'm getting now.
As always time well spent listening to you.
Great weak ahead to everybody
IlyasAhmad anilmangal
thank u sir.....i am also adding your skype. regards
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How to use use video video
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