BITTREX:MTLUSD   Metal / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Using technical analysis , do you see what I see?

Lets not forget fundamentals for BITTREX:MTLUSD are looking solid.

MTL has the 3 key factors I look for when evaluating cryptoassets.
-A great team.
-Great technology.
-Real use case.

As merchants onboard Metal's services and more users onboard Metal's wallet app we can expect a bump in price due to demand.

I am very bullish on MTL as we close out Q4 2017 and transition into Q1 2018.


Anyone who's bashing Marshall or Metal for the recent dump in the market is a fool. AlphaBit and/or some other early investors/advisors to Metal pulled a gypsy move of dumping over 600K tokens in a down market while BTC went to the moon. This is not the direct fault of Marshall or Metal in anyway shape or form. Team funds are locked for one year. Investor funds were/are not locked. Realize that AlphaBit was an advisor for Metal which have since been removed. Acting in bad faith they backstabbed Marshall and Metal by dumping tokens in the market instead of letting Marshall or the team at Metal buy them out. In turn this created more panic and more dumping of MTL to levels lower than it should have gone. If you think AlphaBit or any other people involved with the dumping large amounts of MTL is justified you and I do not see eye to eye period. How are you going to be an advisor/early backer of a project to a start up and then go behind their back and dump their tokens? Completely unethical. This action will haunt AlphaBit and those associated for future projects and partnerships indefinitely.


Do you have any idea who Ronald Wayne is?

In April 1976, Wayne was the third co-founder and 10 percent shareholder of Apple Computers. He sold his stake for a mere $800. Had he held onto to it, that 10 percent stake would today be worth $62.93 billion of Apple stock.


-Metal recently launched their ALPHA release of their wallet. You are able to send, receive, and store crypto using this wallet. If the ALPHA is this good imagine how great the BETA will be?

-Metal is one of few cryptos if any that have FDIC insured bank accounts lined up.

-Metal will incentivize you for converting fiat into crypto unlike Coinbase for example that charges rediculous fees to go into/out of crypto.

-Assuming Metal has a streamline and successful merchant services launch for the end users that are businesses it will be profitable from day one as a company starting off in the medicinal marijuana industry. The medicinal marijuana industry alone is said to generate over $6,000,000,000 in annual sales and this number is growing year after year with an expectation of over $50,000,000,000 by 2026. Remind yourselves that many medicinal marijuana businesses struggle to have banking relationships and under federal US law are not allowed to hold cash in their bank accounts from the sale of marijuana even if medicinal. This is just one industry Metal is targeting as a cash intensive/high risk business. By the way, Metal announced it had over 140+ agreements lined up with medicinal marijuana companies alone back when they held their AMA in cryptocopia which I participated in as "cryptowhale". Google it.

You all need to be able to separate the noise/FUD from the facts. I hope I enlightened some of you that are confused or not aware of the facts I have stated.
Well said, thanks for the analysis. Don't listen to the idiots saying marshall is a crook. We've all been lurking behind the scenes and in the slack channel, and we all know what is going on. These people come around for 5 minutes and think they know what they're talking about.
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vpizzitola landonwiggs
@landonwiggs, You are so brainwashed it's unreal. Grow up kid.
landonwiggs vpizzitola
@vpizzitola, Brainwashed...Kid...LOL. In time we will know who is the brainwashed idiot. I just wish I could see the look on your face when you realize you are wrong. Go fuck yourself buddy.
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Bro come on. Do you even know what's going on behind the scenes now? Marshall is a crook.
crypt0whale vpizzitola
@vpizzitola, Fill us in. Easy to make statements that aren't justified. Bring us to light. Why is Marshall a crook? On what basis?
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vpizzitola crypt0whale
@wolfofblockchain, Too much for me to type. Join the Mtl Rekt Me telegram. Theres numerous screenshots there. It may be hard to believe but you are ill informed. It took me awhile to realize Alphabit and Marshall are working together the whole time, and still working together, but it's the truth. Ask yourself why your in crypto. To make money right? So is Marshall.
vpizzitola vpizzitola
@vpizzitola, And since you state that you were in the AMA on cryptocopia, you would remember that he was asked about Alphabit and swore that early investors wouldn't dump. And that's exactly what they did. AND if you remember he was asked about how qualified his girlfriend was as Marketing Director. Then he fires her, and never hired a replacement. Claimed that he was doing the marketing now. And guess what? The marketing was non-existent. He posted the fucking rocketman gif for the alpha launch. Seriously, what self respecting CEO, team, coin does that?
landonwiggs vpizzitola
@vpizzitola, If thats how you feel, then move on and don't buy the token.
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crypt0whale vpizzitola
@vpizzitola, A bunch of noise irrelevant to the vision and success of Metal. I have addressed many of your points with logic and facts in an updated comment with this analysis.

Check back on this post in Q1 2018. Thank you.
vpizzitola crypt0whale
@wolfofblockchain, When are you going to get off your high horse? You keep using buzzwords like "logic" and "facts", when you actually have no idea what is going on. I'm not "trying to spread fud", you are just bashing anyone that brings up an ulterior point of view other than your own.
Go here and read every post crystal made from the top. Open your eyes and stop acting like a cult member.
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