TRX After hype and some Tips.

TRX After Hybe and some Tips

As all saw TRX             was a very profitable coin for some people at last days, but what about now?
bag holders of TRX             , they gained a profit, and some people stuck with it with a loss right now.

Here your first Tip.
When you saw coin run like a rocket and you want to catch some, be sure you follow capital management also how is come late and have some greedy always stuck with the coin, if you don`t know what capital management means stop trading right now and start learn first this not gambling game this is a trading.

What i should do right now I`m at a loss?
first, calm and check your free capital and be ready to buy it from dips again, be sure you don`t need to sell in a lose, the good thing at Crypto no Margin call and this for who is don`t use leverage.

when you join late, follow capital management.
No sell in a panic, no buy with panic.
No loss until you decide it.
Calm and be ready for getting it from dips Again.

As we can see at chart TRX             get down from 0.5 Fib candle with a big wick, sign for down.
we expect trx             will do some green moves again from the current price to 0.00001350/0.00001590 this is Resistance area ,The current support at 0.00000646.

The main support 0.00000346 at we will wait for it as entry level/"rebuy level" for who is buying from the top.
Target for this cycle at 0.00004127 at 1 fib level.
just one condition to get this target, TRX             need close above 0.00002230 Daily/Weekly.

Capital management is recommended.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
交易开始: TRX show bounced from 0.00000701 we were mentioned the
current support at 0.00000646
free to get some of this levels 0.00000701/ 0.00000646

we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
交易结束:到达目标: the first target at 0.00000850 achieved
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
move your sec target to 0.000001215
评论: Tarde still active out Targets
0.00000850 achieved
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
评论: TRX still above support under trend line
we have an active trade from 701
with 2 targets
0.00000850 achieved
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
The main support 0.00000346 when i look to TRX i remember the same thing with SC move fast gained a lot of profit at last year then drop
so follow capital management and stop loss for active trades
at 0.00000550
交易开始: Last Call at TRX from 701 gained the first target at 850 =21% then hit stop loss at 550 -20% this is an update for the last signal
New Update as we mentioned before since 7 Jan The main support 0.00000346 and now TRX play above support free to buy some trx from our support zone
Set your own risk and follow capital management
Stop_loss if TRX break 250 ad close daily under it
again follow capital management
32% / 900%
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
评论: be ready to sell if TRX close under 340 daily don`t need high risk at panic and down trend market
next buy point at 121/85

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
midterm means time frame bro?....
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HamadaMark PRO janardhana54
@janardhana54, from 45 day 90 day max

May ALLAH bless you brother

Thank you!
sallam sir can i buy know please help for this
Hi, do you think TRX is good to get in at 800, or wait to drop more?
Thanks for all of your advice, it is really appreciated!
@ManiJones, 645 is a support area right now pass it will go to the main one at 350 so if you want buy wait for 2 support area
I think wave of TRXETH.
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Tran_Minh_Thang Tran_Minh_Thang
@Tran_Minh_Thang, WE SHOULD LONG TRXETH NOW (0.000135)
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HamadaMark PRO Tran_Minh_Thang
@Tran_Minh_Thang, great view
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