Tron, TRX vs BTC and USD view

I'm back and will do charts once a week maybe.

Here is what I am noticing for Tron. A lot of different pieces are aligning for me to ignore.

Please use my charts as a reference. it's not an investment advice.
评论: I heard that there will be a coin burn + main net launch. can anyone else confirm?
评论: Some heavy resistance at 405-410 range. This was the previous support - once this breaks expecting upward movement.
评论: Perfectly landed on btc first resistance and usd first resistance - expecting a small 50% of swing pull back and starting another impulse to next resistance.
评论: going right according to plan.

交易结束:到达目标: Closing this out.

Reached our .618 resistance as shown in the TRXBTC graph on the left.
Yes is true 31 coin burn and main net beta same day
Is a coin burn a good thing usually? By that I mean does price tend to go up or down?
oxtrades andyscraven
@andyscraven, Depend on TRX planning to burn the coins. It will give more value to the coins. In time it will be less coins value go up. Could be burning like Ripple were it is burn on each transaction. The price will go up depending on the buying of the tech behind it and buy in of the release of the Net. I think it will be a lot of buy in. Then people are going to take profit. I am HODL.
oxtrades andyscraven
@andyscraven, I meant to say "denpend on how TRX planning to burn the coins",lol
Just to be clear coin burn by the end of this month, exact date is not known.
Test net by the end of this month... exact date March 31.
Main net May 31.
It's going to be by the end of this moth
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