Exchanges uniting around Unikoin Gold! :)

BITTREX:UKGBTC   UnikoinGold / Bitcoin
On 6 December Unikoin was added to my portfolio. I really wanted to do a chart on it because it was so undervalued compared to ICO price.
Sadly Tradingview dont provide Kucoin charts, so had to wait for another listing.
Recently Bittrex added it, and if you look at their recent history with coin additions, its a good reason for excitment. Last coin to be added was Enigma at exactly 1 month prior to UKG. And we all know how that went! :O
In addition to Bittrex, we got OKEX today aswell

In conclusion, it will be easy for new money to enter, and I see reasons why I think that could very likely happen.


Mark Cuban is a common name. Probably one of the most famous investors.
Where his money goes, so does much of other peoples money. So I want to be in for the ride, and at this moment it has payed off.

So what is Unikoin? It's an Esports Betting platform! Doesnt that sound exciting?
There is lots of hype when it comes to Esports, and Crypto makes TOTAL sense for the business.

The token (Unikoin Gold ) is old, but the company behind it is not.
Unikrn is the website for platform, and the company was established in 2014! They have to my knowledge the best platform for esports to date, and that includes licenses and all that legal stuff that is required for a project to make it in the big leagues.
I'm no gamer, but if you take a look at their platform you can see its very easy to use. Userfriendly and it makes me want to test their service.

Now if we take a look at the ICO you can see why I thought it was very undervalued when it was on Kucoin.
Article from end of crowdsale, you can see that they took in 110,000 ETH. Now it's marketcap is 130,000 ETH.
When it was going sideways on Kucoin for a while, it was down at 20-40,000 ETH.
It's still just a little bit above ICO price and considering the exchange additions and current overall market performance, I feel its a solid buy.

The problem comes when we go longer term though. If you take a look at their, you can see that it was a small percentage that was sold in ICO .
I think the distribution will help Unikoin to achive greatness, but it will always be a little dangerous for the price.

A reasonable price target for Unikoin would be 5x its ICO price. But it could easily do 10x as well!
I have no specific targets in mind at this moment. That will come with time when Bittrex chart is maturing and we see how it goes on these exchange listings.


The TA is for short term and could go out the window relatively quick.
It's a recent addition to Bittrex so not many candles. Currently the Kucoin chart would be better for TA.
However, I will keep updating the idea as we go along! :)

Right now you can see it respected the 0.5 fib line, and I think we can resume upwards.
There is also a couple resistance points I have drawn up that can be relevant if Unikoin goes of in the short term!

If you are interested in my portfolio, my will be updated today.
Yesterday Koinworld members got early preview to the changes I have made.
My strategy for 2018 is to go down from 30 coins to 20, and for each of those coins to have same percentage of portfolio.
评论: Unikoin having a good day today! Going perfectly after the targets I laid out on chart.
Now that we are progressing outside of my previous TA, it's time for an update!

评论: Unikoin still looking good :)

评论: Unikoin got dragged down with the crash like everything else.
I'm hodling on tight to it though :)

Not any TA update today, but will come out with something when its more relevant!
Yeah. Seems like its going to be dumped and pumper in a day. I don`t recommend to buy it now
lj_4b lj_4b
@lj_4b, Also, i don't have a big faith in it, but this coin is not clueless
Nice one. Thanks for TA.
But the big question is, what now, to buy more now or just hold?
Kryptokelly 19goldenboy83
@19goldenboy83, Happy to help :D
Im just holding, but very good time to buy I believe.
Update? Are we selling or holding?
Kryptokelly vintagekeys
@vintagekeys, Hodling on! Atleast I am :)
Hello, what do you think about #UKG now?
@etomaniak, UKG is a solid project, hodling on :)
etomaniak Kryptokelly
@Kryptokelly, Thanks, waiting is the best tactic
Nice chart
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