MaMA : Momentum adjusted Moving Average

A brand new Moving Average, calculated using Momentum, Acceleration and Probability (Psychological Effect).

Momentum adjusted Moving Average( MaMA ) is an indicator that measures Price Action by taking into consideration not only Price movements but also its Momentum, Acceleration and Probability. MaMA , provides faster responses comparing to the regular Moving Average

Here is the math of the MaMA idea

Momentum measures change in price over a specified time period

momentum = source – source(length)
source, indicates current bar’s price value
source(length), indicates historical price value of length bars earlier

Lets play with this formula and rewrite it by moving source(length) to other side of the equation

source = source(length) + momentum

to avoid confusion let’s call the source that we aim to predict as adjustedSource

adjustedSource = source(length) + momentum

looks nice the next value of source simply can be calculated by summing of historical value of the source value and value of the momentum. I wish it was so easy, the formula holds true only when the momentum is conserved/constant/steady but momentum move up or down with the price fluctuations (accelerating or decelerating)

Let’s add acceleration effects on our formula, where acceleration is change in momentum for a given length. Then the formula will become as (skipped proof part of acceleration effects, you may google for further details)

adjustedSource = source(length) + momentum + 1/2 * acceleration

here again the formula holds true when the acceleration is constant and once again it is not the case for trading, acceleration also changes with the price fluctuations

Then, how we can benefit from all of this, it has value yet requires additional approaches for better outcome

Let’s simulate behaviour with some predictive approach such as using probability (also known as psychological effect), where probability is a measure for calculating the chances or the possibilities of the occurrence of a random event. As stated earlier above momentum and acceleration are changing with the price fluctuations, by using the probability approach we can add a predictive skill to determine the likelihood of momentum and acceleration changes (remember it is a predictive approach). With this approach, our equations can be expresses as follows

adjustedSource = source(length) + momentum * probability
adjustedSource = source(length) + ( momentum + 1/2 * acceleration ) * probability
, with acceleration effect

Finally, we plot MaMA with the new predicted source adjustedSource, applying acceleration effect is made settable by the used from the dialog box, default value is true.

What to look for:
• Trend Identification
Support and Resistance
• Price Crossovers

Recommended settings are applied as default settings, if you wish to change the length of the MaMA then you should also adjust length of Momentum (and/or Probability). For example for faster moving average such as 21 period it would be suggested to set momentum length to 13
Alternative usage, set moving average length to 1 and keep rest lengths with default values, it will produce a predictive price line based on momentum and probability. Experience acceleration factor by enabling and disabling it


MaMA provide an added level of confidence to a trading strategy and yet it is important to always be aware that it implements a predictive approach in a chaotic market use with caution just like with any indicator

Trading success is all about following your trading strategy and the indicators should fit within your trading strategy, and not to be traded upon solely

Disclaimer: The script is for informational and educational purposes only. Use of the script does not constitutes professional and/or financial advice. You alone the sole responsibility of evaluating the script output and risks associated with the use of the script. In exchange for using the script, you agree not to hold dgtrd TradingView user liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make based on use of the script


Thanks so making such a wonderful indicator, i have turned it into strategy and modified it slightly and now i am having 91% profitable trade
100 代币
dgtrd smartiesss
thnak You @smartiesss 🙏,

I am so happy to hear your success story ;-) amazingly well done, congrats
Such a beautiful indicator , Captures the market mood with its late crossover and avoids useless trades!!
+1 回复
dgtrd alagh
thank you @alagh, i am so glad you like it ;-)
alagh dgtrd

It is Uncanny how you can filter out noise the MESA is late in turning and so helpful in identifying high probability trades!
Thanks again 👍
dgtrd alagh
momentum is both causing to accelerate and turning late.
but still assuming its length value its reactions is faster to standart ema or sma.
have you been able to check the feedback bands, they may add additional insghit (you may need to decrese the value if you are on forex or stock, default one are better for crypto)

i will invite you the check LEMA, much more resopnsive to fast change in the market

alagh dgtrd
I would love to check the LEMA..
The band's I assumed are for daily charts..I am more of a 30min- hourly chart trader!
I will decrease the period of feedback bands as suggested.
Thanks a lot for the quality inputs.
Is there anyway to separate the alerts for Long and SL/TP with tradingview ? (Currently it gives a alert if either are true) I tried to add a line for alert conditions but no luck.
dgtrd josephwehbe10
hello @josephwehbe10, please be informed with the update that i did few mins ago i have covered your request, and some more enchantments to backtest framework
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