Primecoin: But Wait... There's More!

POLONIEX:XPMBTC   Primecoin / Bitcoin
This is a risky one, dream big, play small, but it's an interesting concept. I guess I see opportunity where others see a dead horse. Supply is 21 million, the RSI doesn't match up neatly but every time it drops into oversold, especially in a cluster of 3, price eventually has a nice pop. Just be Patient. Looking at February or even next summer for a target. Again, super risky, rather illiquid, but if you like the fundamentals, it's not a bad time to nibble. If you never take risk, you will certainly never take profits.
评论: Several hundred percent profit here, I have no idea if it will pump a jillion percent or what it will do, just take some money so that I don't have to come slap you for losing money. Never lose money. Take some money for your trouble and keep hunting.
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