Pivot Points [MisterMoTA]

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The Pivot Points indicator by MisterMoTA allow users to get pivots points calculated from last candle high, low and close on any timeframe from 1 minute to weekly.

This will help users that are trading ins small timeframes to see the pivots that are near their timeframes and not only daily timeframe.

Here is an example on the chart from nex image the timeframe is set to 1 minute and pivot points displayed are at 15 minutes :

The users have control on pivots colors, pivot labels colors, text color from labels, decimal numbers displayed in the labels and style of the pivots lines.

Please follow me for other script like this one.

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  • Changed the labels style for better viusal of the chart and moved them to the right side
  • Changed the lines of pivots to be displayed from bar_index to 50 candles to the right
  • Added dotted plots to display old pivots , old pivots cand be hidden from dashboard
  • Every single pivot color can now be changed from dashboard

  • Deleted the lines for Last High and Last Low and kept only the labels for High and Low
  • Users can hide/show the High and Low labels
  • Users can now input how far will be displayed labels from bar index


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