[Sextan] Dark Cloud Density MTF

NOTE: Sextan Bactest version which support MTF



Go long through the buy and sell tags, and determine the size of the buy position by observing the density of the dark cloud or the thickness of the dark cloud.


This is a buying and selling system that strives for simplicity and clarity, and position control is determined by the trend. The dark cloud here is the standard of this measurement. If there are many dark clouds, it means that the short-selling power is relatively strong, and the long-buying signal can be given up or bought with a small position. If the density of the dark clouds is sparse, it means that the long and short positions are weak, and the long positions can be appropriately increased.

The specific function is to follow the label prompts to buy and sell, and to decide how much to buy according to the density of the dark clouds.


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Alerts are added.

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