BITCOIN - 2 variants of Priceaction.

Hello Traders!

Notice you, that near future BTCUSD has minimum 2 variants of possible priceaction.
Correction phase, is not over & still in power!
Plse , be care youself!

After the retest of bottom 8500 - 8000, PT's will try to take long position to "Short term target": 12000$.
"Middle term targets": 17000$ - 18000$;
"Long term targets": 23000$, 27000$, 30000$, 40000$.
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Best regards, the team Traders "Powerful Traders".
@POWERFUL_TRADERS, So is it an add on indicator or do you have a site?
@monitorr, hi!
Yes we have our blog on telegram.
Kind regards, trader Kunkei Tengri.
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