RIPPLE (Retest present bottom)

Hello Traders!
The Correction phase, do not over. We accurately predict, stop decline tendency. So, yesterday we saw, first rebound, then should wait present bottom retest, next step the creation of balance and after that Strong Uptrend!
Personal gratitude!
Yesterday we red one comment from Trader "Gusccbb" ( https://www.tradingview.com/u/gusccbb/ ) , who awared us to be careful with Ripple, cause of adverse fundamenatl factors!
"Hi, do you think that with the low market volume of last days is compatible with a trend break this week in both Ripple and BTC -6.39% that have been severely punished by the impact of news from Korea last week?
The volumes are approximately 15% of those operated in the first week of January. The trends will be defined I think when the money returns to the market I think. Tks 1.50% ."
We are sincerely grateful to you! Respect! Big thanks!
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