BTC             set to drop and begin its 5th wave to drop lower than the previous 3rd wave low ($5900) which leaves a single level reachable $4700. I have called the $5900 drop in the beginning of February and I was right. I called it using Eliott Waves market structure and I said the price was set to drop to the $5800 range which it did only to bounce back all the way to $11 000. The 4th wave is coming to an end and the big boys took care of all the squaring up they needed to clear. Odds are the 5th wave will begin from the area we're currently in ($11 000 area).

I have had a long term strategy for BTC             since it was at $17 000 and I was able to predict very accurately all of its move which proves to me that my initial assumption about BTC             doing a 5 waves down was and still is true. All the waves I predicted happened and now I am predicting the 5th and last wave. The 5th wave of an Eliott Wave pattern has to take the bottom of the 3rd wave (which bottomed at $5900). Now based off of this idea we have to look at levels on BTC             and the first tangible level right under $5900 is in the $4700 area meaning I am left to believe that BTC             will visit that price area.

TA wise we are now looking for a reversal pattern/confirmation and the daily may very well give us one in the next hours. We are looking for a bearish engulfing candle meaning if today candle close lower than the starting point of the candle of yesterday (under the red line on my chart) then we have a reversal pattern confirmation and we can expect at the very least days of price reduction.

I would not be surprised if we get a bunch of bullshit news in the upcoming 2days to drive people crazy and help the big boys drive the price down. If BTC             drop below $10 000 today then dont expect it to recover. Chances are its going down and it will be FAST.

BTC             is still VERY bullish to me in the long term and this could be the best entry for BTC             you will ever get. You can refer to the Related Ideas on this post to see that I did in fact predict the moves on BTC             .

Follow me on telegram if you want to be updated on this trade.

Like the chart if you agree!
交易开始: If BTC breaks past 11700 and does a hook and go (retrace back to 11 700 ish then goes up higher than what it initially broke to then this idea is more than likely no longer in place. Otherwise it's still on.

To me BTC price movement today is a bull trap. Nothing else. Stay tight!
交易开始: The update is here... Bitcoin needs to be 10 700$ else we are still on a downtrend.

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Let's get rich. Together.


Elliot wave theory has 5 impulse waves and 3 corrective waves. Yet you're chart has 5 waves. Can you explain?
very good analysis
read the emotional and negative comments below. These are the types that lose their money in markets that move against their biased based trading and then hold too long when they’re up. Never think a stock/coin won’t move against u.
+1 回复
Look at all of these people in denial lol. Delusional Bulls deserve respect for pumping money to long BTC 100x at all times.
The real heroes. #respect #perpetualmoon
+1 回复
“One more lower low!” Or “we are going to $2k next” I am getting used to those and don’t feel anything anymore! Lucky me! :)
+1 回复
Go to my will see the big picture on my last chart on Bitcoin...will update my idea later.
+1 回复
just busted over the top channel line. guess u wer wrong
I don`t believe in lower low anymore...
+3 回复
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