Clear view on BTC vol. Monster Long. Target: $ 24'000

Again, We are on $10600 level. But this time We are in better condition.

Breakthrough falling wedge pattern -> Breakthrough great bullish flag -> Breakthrough SMA 50 -> neckline from Inverted H&S is coming to break
DMI shows great signal for long

This is very low risk trade. Target is 24k, and stop loss lets us to loose just a few %.
Enter now or wait for 10100 bargain mode ( or check current update ).

Stop loss: 10000 or below (Check current update).

评论: Short term analysis
交易开始: If the price holds above white local support We will experience next breakout
交易开始: For newcomers: Still this is good time to buy
1D time frame

4hr time frame
评论: Update for 4hr time frame.
This is short term view on next movement prediction. I count on 10900 on the dip.
But BTC seems accepting some of horizontal supports.
评论: 4hr time frame
We are ready to attack last horizontal resistance. After breaking this We should see clear uptrend confirmed with volume.
交易结束:到达止损: Stop loss. BTC shows sign of weakness, breaking support and opening long bear winter. I shall put an idea If this drop convinces me enough.
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