BTC falling wedges possible reversal

Very simple idea. Two falling wedges ; the first fake out was reversed, we have a second chance now.

Two scenarios:

1. breakout from the falling wedge & retest of 9k
2. continue in the short-term channel toward 7.5k & 7k. demand will be increasing as price falls, so I don't expect new lows.

people are selling because in the past several Sundays price had fallen every time.

that is a coincidence.
评论: probably wasn't clear --- I think s1 more likely.
评论: We have two green candles on the 4h chart now. Over 8.5k we're safe.
评论: I think after we failed 9k, BTC has gone back to the accumulation zone I mentioned in my previous post. There's no dramatic 6k or 10k scenarios immediately before us.

评论: probably should've written: no obvious dramatic ... scenarios in front of us.
评论: retest of 9k is likely
评论: wow, really jumped in the last 25min
评论: bull flag.
评论: Going up but a rising wedge is forming w/ apex @ 9.5k

Most likely will follow my original post (last post): 9.5k -> fall to at least 8k.
评论: failed 9k again. should bounce @ 8.2-8.3k
评论: I actually see a rising triangle potentially forming soon. I posted the details on my YouTube channel. I plan to post daily FA & TA videos there.
great job!
thanks for the updates doc
still trading within range could be a false flag too
Yes Sir! Lets go 9k!
thanks for the updates
thanks for the update might creep out of cash for a bit but i'm pretty ursine atm
Looks like you were right again doc. Still sitting in cash. Still feel like there's one last dip short to medium term but thanks for all the hard work ;-)
it was clear doc ;-)
Or it will make a nice H&S and aim at 5K :-/
Doc-al-Citadel christophelorenz
@christophelorenz, took the words right of my mouth, the fact he doesn't think it is the only thing tempting me to buy a bit. But for once I think i'm gonna have the courage in my convictions. He did call 5k ages ago tho as u probably know.
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