FDT Trading Behavior Report

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This is the report that I won the first place in foreign exchange trading by participating in FDT on behalf of the University in 2016. My system can effectively identify the trend! Thank you for your attention. If you think the strategy is in line with your direction, please pay attention to the price reference. If the direction is different, you are welcome to comment and discuss
FDT Financial Innovation works is founded by a team of fund managers and traders, mobile Internet engineers and financial systems engineers from both sides of China to train China's global financial talents with the combination of financial education, mobile Internet and big data technology. FDT, Hong Kong Financial data Technology Co., Ltd., is a company engaged in the development and investment of financial big data. Headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park, with offices in Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places. Hong Kong Financial data Technology Co., Ltd. (FDT) set up the Financial Innovation Workshop (Investment Incubator) project in 2014 to provide capital support for students with investment talents.

Chief instructor:
Ma Weihua: famous banker and former president of China Merchants Bank.
Team of consultants:
Harry Markowitz: Nobel laureate in economics and father of portfolio pricing.
Myron Samuel Scholes: Nobel laureate in economics and father of option pricing.
Professor Peter Tufano: Dean of the said School of Business, University of Oxford.
Ray Dalio: founder of Qiaoshui Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan Chase CEO, well-known banker.
Viktor Mayer-Sch ö nberger: author of the big data era and professor at the University of Oxford.
Terry Lyons: professor, University of Oxford, Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences.
Professor Qian Yingyi: Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.
Professor Zhou Xunyu: Liu Family Professor of Financial Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University
Ray Dalio founder of: Bridgewater Asset Management Co., Ltd.
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