Few Minutes after German Stockmarkets closed on friday China´s Geely annouced that it had bougth 9 Billion USD Daimler stake equal to 106 Million shares. In the past 4 weeks BRIDGEWATER sold short up to 9 Million Daimler shares and still having 7.2 Million short sold Daimler shares to cover. Daimler is lagging of major longterm investors. Until now only Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund owns 6,8% of DAIMLER´s outstanding shares.

Daimler was up after hours 1,3% on Friday. All eyes are now on Daimler on mondays and next weeks trading.

Based on a stockmarket prices at 70.41 Euro Daimlers Dividend Yield is 5,10%. Geely will recive a yearly divident payment by a half billion USD per year. This is more than enough to pay donw a 10 Billion loan slowly. Daimler is well known as an underpriced and undervalued asset. The Daimler story will add expactations that more M&A activites in Germany´s DAX stocks might show up now. This is a huge miss from BRIDGEWATERs perpective of view or depending od BRIDGEWATERs predictions.


China's Geely Buys $9 Billion Daimler Stake
Geely builds $9bn stake in Mercedes owner Daimler
Latest expansion of ambitious Chinese carmaker behind Volvo and Lotus

交易开始: Latest update on Bridgewater:

It's Dalio Versus Everyone Else as Money Flows to Europe

I’m surprised. That’s a big bet. Dalio and his team are very confident,” said Rick Herman, managing director of asset allocation who helps oversee about $30 billion at BB&T Institutional Investment Advisors Inc. “That’s definitely out of consensus. European stocks are cheaper, and they also have stronger earnings growth.”
交易开始: There is just one option left: "Grand Coaltion" 5 Starmovement with Italy´s PD.

Anti-EU SURGE - Salvini REJECTS Five Star coalition

ANTI-EU party Five Star Movement is now the single largest party in the Italian election 2018 according to the latest exit polls as the nation takes one step towards anti-establishment and anti-EU parties leading the country.
交易开始: Zum Vergleich: BRIDGEWATER hat im wesentlich kleineren Europäischen Aktienmarkt innerhalb von wenigen Handelstagen Aktien im Wert von 22 Mrd. Dollar auf den Markt geworfen:

Investors staged a near-record exodus from US stocks in February

Funds that focus on U.S. stocks saw investors withdraw $41.1 billion in February, according to market data firm TrimTabs.
The total was the third-largest ever and came during a month when the Dow industrials lost about 4 %
交易开始: High-performance U.S. tech stocks drive Nasdaq to record high


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