BITTREX:ETCBTC   以太坊经典/比特币
Lots of news is dropping for ETC. new monetary policy , etc summit, new developers, many others.

I am looking at etc as a solid long term long -- however, this idea is to track a short term ish             trade -- possibly 12 hours.
评论: Gotta love crypto. My short-term target was 200k satoshi. At the time of posting the idea, the price jumped 10k sats between the time I started writing to the time I finished.

My estimate for the price when the news is fully priced in is around 350-360k satoshi.

Post bitcoin hard-fork may create precendent for etc to become the dominant eth chain. Time will tell.

For now, I think we should hold the bottom of the green trend-line for the short term. Likely we will see dips, looking around the 175k - 180k mark.