BITTREX:ETCBTC   以太坊经典/比特币
Lots of news is dropping for ETC. new monetary policy , etc summit, new developers, many others.

I am looking at etc as a solid long term long -- however, this idea is to track a short term ish trade -- possibly 12 hours.
评论: Gotta love crypto. My short-term target was 200k satoshi. At the time of posting the idea, the price jumped 10k sats between the time I started writing to the time I finished.

My estimate for the price when the news is fully priced in is around 350-360k satoshi.

Post bitcoin hard-fork may create precendent for etc to become the dominant eth chain. Time will tell.

For now, I think we should hold the bottom of the green trend-line for the short term. Likely we will see dips, looking around the 175k - 180k mark.
交易开始: I sold out as we broke the red line. Im buying back in as it looks like we are going to continue into this bullish trend heading into the monetary policy changes, etc summit, and also in light of btc - bch - btg - no segwit2x. I'm looking for something to hold through this madness and this timing is perfect.
评论: all in
评论: Wish I could update this chart and zoom out.

moon time
评论: Still long. I think things are about to get really crazy here. Might see a very quick 2x, followed by potentially even more. STRAP IN!!
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@NoCode326, I think I answered this in my last update just now :)