EURGBP Sell breakout

FX:EURGBP   欧元/英镑
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Hi fellows i am expecting breakdown of this flag. In case price break up the previous high then it will change the pattern and structure. Good Luck fellows....
Jan 12
评论: Showing some nice price action on lower time frame...........
Jan 13
评论: as long as price will remain in the ascending channel i am short on this pair although flag has changed itself slightly but i am still short on it....................
Jan 16
评论: Impulse invalidated.....
Jan 17
评论: EURGBP is on the move THAT IS how structure plays........ NEW impulse is on its way Good Luck fellows.......
Jan 17
评论: if miss the move then look for trend continuation pattern on lower time frame.......
Jan 18
评论: Correction is underway Good Luck fellows......................
well done sir..thumbs up
Thanks for your great analysis!
Here is my view on EUR/GBP if you are interested:

Based on Market Profile (volumes) and Price Action there are two very strong resist/support zones. If you look at the Cummulative volume on the right you can see two main volume areas. The higher one was formed by cummulation of short trades that went into a strong sell-off. If the price comes there again there is high probability that the sellers will become active again.
Support around 0.8544 is very strong because it lies exactly at at a place where the heaviest volumes of the day were created. From this place the price shot higher indicating strong buyers in this area.
If trading those levels be extra carefull and dont trade during strong GBP news.

If you are interested there are more Market profile swing and intraday analysis in my profile page. You are very welcome there!
Wow !!
Sorry wrong chart but anyway nice analis thanks.
@FXROB, i agree with you
whats gona be if it tests chanel line?
@wave.trader weekly chart looks like head and shoulders am i right?
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