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aUNI_v2 $5,669,961
aWETH_v2 $4,910,706
*ALCX $669,228
*MIR $495,887(我买了)
*ERN $256,178(我买了)
CVX $250,788
DERC $218,000
1INCH $210,755
*RARE $208,858(我买了)
aUSDC_v2 $198,646


POND -$1,112,335(完犊子)
DFYN -$805,227
aWBTC_v2 -$664,402
DOG -$278,368
GRT -$214,860
UST -$193,315
BOSON -$162,000
FRAX -$159,676
KYL -$129,718
SPELL -$115,549(终于开始出货了)


币种 人均买入数量 人均卖出数量 人均净买入数量
ETH 7 2 +5
*FTM 5000 300 +4700
SHIB 1,5614,8756 1,2419,3045 +3195,5711
MANA 1481 / +1481
USDC 4416 688 +3728
*COTI 5000 / +5000
CHZ 2690 1,0000 -7310
USDT 1073 / +1073
*MATIC 553 / +553
ENJ 348 / +348


币种 人均持有量(上次扫描) 人均持有量(本次扫描) 人均持仓变化
ETH 3,7024 3,7024 +0.0
SHIB 74,4244,2191 74,3824,9132 -419,3059.0
OKB 1,9496 1,9496 +0.0
CRO 124,5170 124,5170 +0.0
WBTC 4 4 +0.0
HOT 1785,0119 1735,0119 -50,0000.0
LINK 6420 6420 +0.0
BEST 21,1735 21,1735 +0.0
BTR 66,9886 66,9886 +0.0
USDC 16,7064 16,7136 +72.0



(1) @Coin98 Insights 与2021-11-02 19:23:23发布了:

Ethereum Name Service is a decentralised naming application for Web3 username & profile. They just announced their airdrop for early users and contributors, which can be claimed after a week from now. Let's have a look at the one-page summary of ENS! #OnePage $ENS

(2) @Coin98 Wallet 与2021-11-02 18:22:45发布了:

Kickstart November with Social Airdrop - #Coin98Wallet x @GuildFiGlobal ⏱ 5:00 PM (UTC+7) 02/11/2021 - 11:59 PM (UTC + 7) 06/11/2021 Total prize up to SAMO Complete our super simple tasks, get attractive airdrop! Join us now

(3) @Pylon Protocol 与2021-11-02 18:00:53发布了:

Decentralized governance, cumulative airdrops for long-time stakers, project launches gated for MINE stakers, and more!

(4) @Crypto.com 与2021-11-02 17:30:08发布了:

Exchange is now integrated with Songbird, the Canary Network of Flare. Deposits are enabled for Songbird $SGB. Trading, withdrawals, and airdrops coming soon. *Available on Exchange Web and App. Deposit now r @FlareNetworks

(5) @Nexus Mutual 与2021-11-02 21:56:48发布了:

Join our Mutant Meetup call today at 10am EST. Nexus Discord: Community Calls Voice Channel We'll review & discuss: Week in Cover Buys Nexus Updates Investment Hub Snapshot Votes CREAM V1 Claims Demo of how Claims Assessment Works


(1) @Mango 与2021-11-02 22:21:40发布了:

Liquidity Mining docs are updated reflecting the change to size based with parameters by asset included

(2) @Daffy Durairaj 与2021-11-02 13:04:32发布了:

The new liquidity mining program rewards the top N size quoted on the book, heavily favoring those closer to the top of the book. The docs give you a more details explanation along with the MNGO emission rate


(1) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-02 22:12:43发布了:

P.S. If the airdropped ETH isn't enough, you can get some from the Rinkeby faucet and then bridge them to Arbitrum testnet.

(2) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-02 22:11:59发布了:

Meanwhile, if you didn't have a chance to try out Perp v2 testnet, ' ! To try v2: 1⃣ Go toto get your testnet tokens, then 2⃣ Start trading at

(3) @COTI 与2021-11-02 22:03:35发布了:

We are very excited to announce that after over a year of development, COTI's Mainnet 2.0 is now successfully launched! Mainnet 2.0 is the basis on which we can experience significant growth in our user base and services. Read more:

(4) @NEAR Protocol 与2021-11-02 19:48:57发布了:

Check out @NiftyComedians, which goes live on #NEAR mainnet today!

(5) @COTI 与2021-11-02 19:44:36发布了:

As we are getting closer to the Mainnet 2.0 launch, Shahaf Bar-Geffen is sharing his thoughts about this significant milestone . Watch here

(6) @ICON Foundation 与2021-11-02 18:32:47发布了:

We will be celebrating the launch of the ICON 2.0 mainnet via livestream hosted by @fezbox, @bwhli, and @iconographerICX. It will take place on Nov 3rd 11:30 pm KST (note the change in time). Prizes will be given out throughout the event, so don't miss it! #ICONProject $ICX


(1) @KUCOIN 与2021-11-02 22:19:45发布了:

We are delighted to announce our new #Virtual home in Bloktopia! We have set up a #KuCoin Meta Office within @bloktopia Look forward to seeing you in the #Metaverse Learn more

(2) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-02 22:11:33发布了:

Season 1 of #ThePerpfectGame has now concluded! Over 2,000 people participated. Big thanks to our incredible community for your participation and feedback. We'll add up the number of tickets each player gets and announce the totals in 2 days.

(3) @Zcash Foundation 与2021-11-02 22:07:50发布了:

The @ZcashFoundation is pleased to announce the beta release of its Zebra node implementation of #Zcash. Developed from scratch using a memory-safe language (#Rust), Zebra offers several advantages and contributes to the resilience of the Zcash network.

(4) @Balancer Labs 与2021-11-02 21:47:56发布了:

We’re excited to announce that the Balancer Grants DAO has their new Grants Round live and is accepting grant applications


(1) @Nexus Mutual 与2021-11-02 21:53:35发布了:

New Shield Mining Campaign is Live Members who stake against Abracadabra can get $SPELL rewards! 6.8 $SPELL per $NXM staked 1,466,275 SPELL to be awarded Stake Now

(2) @Treasure 与2021-11-02 19:50:43发布了:

#5 The Treasure marketplace launches with @SmolBrainsNFT The much anticipated SmolBrains NFT will be available from Day 1 in the Treasure marketplace. Stake your monkey and some $MAGIC to boost their IQ and unleash your smol brain on the Metaverse.

(3) @Raydium 与2021-11-02 18:07:07发布了:

2 hours left to stake at least 10 $RAY for a chance at @Blockassetco's Legends launch on DropZone, featuring: @WayneRooney @MuhammadAli @ovi8 @bisping @JONAHTALILOMU Original art by @dosbrak Staking deadline: Nov 2, 12:00 UTC Full details below:

(4) @Wayne Rooney 与2021-10-28 22:24:29发布了:

Very excited to announce that I am now a partner in Blockasset. Follow @Blockassetco for full updates on my upcoming NFTs, as part of the Legends generative NFT collection, featuring artwork by the incredible @dosbrak. #Solana #SolanaNFTs