NZDCAD Watching for impulse and expecting it breakdown

FX:NZDCAD   New Zealand Dollar/Canadian Dollar
5056 31
Hi fellows. i am expecting breakdown of this up trend. If sharp impulse appear on lower time frame then look for sell. in case price break up and change the pattern and structure then i will look for change in pattern and structure.
评论: Nice impulse is forming on lower time frame. Watching break down of small bullish trend line. If impulse become sharper than join that impulse. If you are precautionary trader than wait for trend continuation pattern after impulse than join that short setup. I hope you understand how to take this trade.
评论: This pair is doing well. If you are not in wait for trend continuation pattern. In case price do not form trend continuation price and form trend reversal pattern then we will look for further price push and again will look for short from top. So far price is doing well and i am expecting bearish trend continuation.
评论: If not in look for this formation.
评论: Price is about to hit the target keep your eyes on it for price action if price stay on the channel line and form reversal pattern then we will look for reversal and if form trend continuation pattern then we will look for further downside good luck fellows.
评论: This pair playing amazingly and if price forms a corrective trend continuation pattern then we will look for further sell.
Thanks for your great analysis!
Here is my view on NZD/CAD if you are interested:

Based on Market Profile (volumes) and Price Action are three very strong resist/support zones. All of them were created with heavy volumes of big players - you can see it on the Cummulative Volume on the right side. The closest level: 0.94426 is placed on the biggest volume of the year (Point Of Control). The biggest volumes of the year were placed there and moved the price agressively lower. This is definitely the place I would like to go short!

There are more Market profile swing and intraday analysis at my profile page. You are very welcome there!
I have caught it since the beginning. Thank you for sharing this idea. Tradingview provides several opportunities, people like you are like alarms, wake people up on right time. Thank you.
@Dinkan, good luck for that mate
Could you tell me what is your multiple of R on this trade so far? (R only from your first entry) Mine is around 3.9 R. I use fairly tight SL.
one of the best trade i ever had .. moving down continuously , thanks mate
@gulz, cheers mate
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Good bearish divergence on the weekly could drive this;
@derby, yup wave on its way mate i hope you got something
I m in and making some good profit. Thanks. Will carry it to the end
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