Watchlist Update 29 | BTC consecutive bear flags, BNB triangles

Good evening, folks! Roti speaking. Today I’m seeing multiple stair-stepping bear flags on BTC running on bad news from Google . No more crypto ads? C’mon Big Brother, can’t you play nice? And during tax season, too. Rubbing salt in our wounds.

Anyway, watch out for the bear flags. BTC is looking oversold but also weak, it may fall towards the low 6000s before getting a good bounce. This is why I’m mainly playing BTC , it is more predictable than most of the alts and I’m not here to gamble.

As I’ve laid out in the video, BNB-BTC may be a good bull play, but as always with this system, keep your stops tight! What was almost a bull flag ascending triangle became a symmetrical triangle, and it's testing a bearish breakdown. entry points are discussed in the video. If you’re just entering a trade, just place your stop in an area where you see plenty of bear fractals bouncing to form a resistance area (support prior to a breakdown, and vice versa).

That’s all for today, I’ve got a lot on my plate nowadays. Roti out.

This has been for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.
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