BTCUSD Week 11 - What are we watching?

- A&A DT confirmation level that previously was support is for now confirmed as resistance.
- DT target buy limit @ 7474.9 scaled down to 20% and i've added "high risk" to the label, because i think we'll visit lower levels next week. If you don't feel like holding while it tanks more, skip this buy (at the risk of missing an entry entirely).
- I'll be adding another 20% manually (if i get the chance) when price enters the DB range.
- If price tanks below 6k to 3-5k levels, we're holding a 40% position that we should be able to cost average to a level BTCUSD will retrace to, so no reason to panic when this happens.

Happy trading!

Follow me for frequent updates during the week and please like if you appreciate the effort!

- A&A DT:
- DB:
评论: We're curbing our enthusiasm (long/bullish view) until a clear break above 10.4k (pivot of week 10).

评论: A pullback above A&A DT confirmation level deteriorates the performance. Price is now in between supply and demand levels. Looking at how price behaves i'm expecting a potential weekly doji, meaning price compression during week 11, potentially in the form of a diamond, that could breakout up or down.

Really not liking an entry at this level.

评论: Some upside risk, but still not liking an entry/scalp here.

评论: Currently in a trading range mid bear channel since end of Dec '17, that was breached in Feb '18.

Considering the 50-MA and 100-MA death cross, i'm looking at BTCUSD like this (not exact entries, just level indications):

评论: Things starting to move, but we're still, even if just, inside the trading range where we don't want to enter.

Some Google Ads banning crypto FUD (which i don't get, because regulation and policies make something stronger).

评论: Waiting for more acceleration before entering a long:

评论: Alright. I hope you were all good patient traders and either traded the falling wedge lines or not at all. I've been sideline most of the week.

I think a 20% position in can now be taken inside the falling wedge that is reaching apex. There's really two scenario's here:
1. It break down, which could give the acceleration we need to bounce to 9.2k, which would give us a 10-15% profit
2. It book break up to 9.2k without breaking down, also giving us a 10-15% profit.

The first scenario has a lot more risk here, but considering were only in 20%, we have plenty of liquidity to cost average.

评论: Sorry for the crappy spelling and grammar. Saturday night just out of the bar :)
have you bought any long position yet, if so how much %?

"Some Google Ads banning crypto FUD (which i don't get, because regulation and policies make something stronger)." IDK, maybe because people are incredibly emotional and dramatic? And emotions are not logical, just my two cents of BTC...make that 1.5 cents...1.72 cents...
TomPip ThankUKind
@ThankUKind, I have no position yet, but i'm eyeing a 20% buy in the lower end of the falling wedge around 7.3-7.8k
TomPip ThankUKind
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Thanks Tom, really do appreciate your work!
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