BTCUSD Week 9 - What are we watching?

- Last week's 30% buy @ 9320 triggered
- Added another buy limit for 30% @ 7961
- Targets also added to this chart, but i wouldn't be surprised if we see another few weeks of price action around the pivot (~10k) or a deeper back test of ~6k levels.

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评论: Key pivot. Where descending resistance bear channel and horizontal resistance correction meet.

评论: Lowered my targets a bit to match horizontal resistance better.

Below 11k i think the 7961 add is still in play.

评论: I'm being conservative here and shrinking my position to 15% (so closing half)
and i'll look to add around 10k or below again, depending on how/if price holds.

评论: Closing other 15% from 9320. Now holding 0% BTC.

评论: Looking to BTD when RSI back tests the trend.

Bear channel desc resistance now clearly violated, so we'll be ignoring this once it's broken upwards and back tested as support.

评论: Bounced off of the pivot. We're still flat BTCUSD. Patiently waiting for an opportunity:

where do you go all in, at what price ?
TomPip ThankUKind
@ThankUKind, Below ~6k i would add the last 20-40%. Because this target is quite far away, i've not yet included any buys in this chart. I have a fixed absolute position size in $ for BTC and ladder myself into that position, now holding 30% of my max. BTC position.
TomPip TomPip
@TomPip, I ladder in and out, because picking tops and bottoms is for suckers.
@TomPip, right on, I am new at this. You find your strategy to be more profitable ?
TomPip ThankUKind
@ThankUKind, For me it's the most profitable, yes.
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