Startcoin [ STARTBTC] | [+5980% potential profit | long trade!]


What it is:

"StartCOIN is a digital currency that rewards you for supporting change. The more you share and support projects or the more StartCOIN you hold, the more StartCOINs you will receive. By joining the startjoin community, you become part of this crowd funding revolution.
We aim to be the first stable digital currency created to promote and support crowdfunding."

Not necessary what it is... we are only interested in the opportunity to make some decent profits on it!

The price is low, the coin begins to start from the bottom.
!Plenty room for growth!


1d chart:

MACD: Is after this day crossed down, you can wait for a positiv cross or buy now lower
RSI: Is rising clearly
STOCH: Is rising clearly

= bullish on daily chart , it will develop

weekly chart:

On the weekly chart you can see the whole potential of this coin, it is about to start from the bottom, look at previous highs.
One or two weeks should be enough to free the bulls. It's actually moving in the sideway.

Jan 1st price was at 1500 satoshis
Jan 9th the price was at 3500 satoshis...

It will came slowly but strong and we already have our targets.
Be in when it begins!

Trade will be profitable and maybe for longer term.


0.0001800 - 0.0003000

Targets via fibonacci

1 | 0.00019075
2 | 0.00030776
3 | 0.00040234
4 | 0.00049692
5 | 0.00063157
6 | 0.00080309| old all time high
7 | 0.00129841 | new all time high <— Fib. 1.618 extension


Very interesting coin to invest in.
Investment looks like a safe and profitable opportunity for longer then 2 weeks.

Invest relax & earn.
We only trade for profit, never for loss.
评论: Recovers from the crypto dip like all the others.
Come back after the market is more stable.
We will definitely see nice gains in the future.

High potential coin on recovering market so far.
评论: Hold to win!
Market correction will be complete soon and your coins will gain :)
交易开始: Market correction will be over soon.
Market cap will rise, btc will rise, alts will accumulate.

Good price to get in!
@Crypto-CR please is trade still active?
Ntsoumou theconceptbehindit
@theconceptbehindit, That is exactly what I had thought.
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